A very tall smart af handsome ass man who has a monster cock
Yo is that Rayne?
Ya that guy is one very tall smart af handover ass man with a monster cock
by Kriszyy October 6, 2020
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Rayne is a name, usually describing a very beautiful girl who is very unique. Usually, she is not aware of her beauty. She can be really misunderstood at times.
"My sister is such a Rayne. She's so beautiful but she really acts like she doesn't know it."
by ChocolateRocket March 9, 2009
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A guy who wanted to find his name on urban dictionary, but only found definitions for girls.
Wow, I googled the name Rayne and I got called a beautiful girl!
by I'm not a personn January 26, 2021
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Rayne is a beautiful girl with a smile to die for. She'll make you laugh and you'll make her laugh.

She's usually quite light hearted and fun to be around, but she does have a temper.

When she's in a bad mood she can - and will - rip you apart.

Rayne's eyes are the most amazing eyes you'll have ever seen, she's stunning.

She'll make you fall in love with her. Her natural charm will take care of anyone that dislikes her. She's easy to please and pleases as well.
Guy 1: Man, I wish I knew who that girl was.

Guy 2: That's Rayne. She's amazing.

Guy 1: She got a man?
Guy 2: You're looking at him.

Guy 1: Lucky man.
by gettingluckytonight;) July 12, 2011
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The most prettiest girl that you will ever meet, smartest, athletic and popular. She makes anyone smile and always lights up a day. Another name for stunning and/or perfect.
WOW, she is such a Rayne!!
by waikaolu October 22, 2014
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Rayne. A girl who is one of a kind, just like her name. She is not afraid to be her random crazy self. She will always have your back no matter what, She loves Harry Potter and eating junk food till one o clock in the morning. You may think she is a little crazy at first but at the end of the day you cant help but be thankful for having her in your life.
Rayne is so fun to play with !
by Haroldmendez May 23, 2011
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Best girl you’ll ever meet, someone who is always there to help people who need it, Always a shoulder to cry on, Great hugs, Gives good advice, Makes you laugh, If you find a rayne keep her, Don’t let her go because you’ll regret it. Really pretty
She’s really pretty, She must be a rayne
by Mione June 23, 2018
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