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She is just this really special girl that is beautiful inside and out. She is just that girl who somehow gets your attention without doing anything. All guys find her attractive but only some talk to her because most guys get nervous around her or are intimidated by her beauty. She says that she is “weird” but you just can’t help it but find her unique and really special because even though she is a pain at times, she is the main and sole reason of your happiness. Once you meet her, you become selfish because you just want her completely for yourself alone. Also, her name sounds like “Wo Ai Ni” in Chinese, which is the way you feel; and that’s why you just can’t help it but to want to say her name or call her up for no reason, even if it bothers her…
guy 1: yo bro, I finally talked to this girl from my class, and she is too cool and cute.
guy 2: oh yeah? what's her name?
guy 1: I don't know, but we get along so well, she is a Joannie!
by Maycolli October 05, 2012
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A Joannie is very beautiful girl who is very shy at first but she acts herself around he people she trusts and knows she is sweet kind and sometimes she is mean but that’s not really often she is weird she has beautiful brown hair and brown eyes she doesn’t hate anyone she has a lot of boys falling for her but she just concentrates on one she is a great friend she is loyal she loves the boy she’s with very much she loves cats and she is very sensitive sometimes things people say hurt her feeling but she holds it in she is always with a big smile sometimes she takes things as compliments and when her friends don’t have a smile she finds a way to put a smile on their face she helps people with their issues but she doesn’t her herself at the end of the day Joannie looks back at what she did wrong or weird looks at herself in the mirror and laughs
Girl1: hey I don’t feel like talking right now

Joannie: hey why happens who do u want me to punch or are u just sad because your hungry you might be come I’ll cook food
by Unknown 901 January 30, 2018
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