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Perfect person thinks there flawed but there not.very hot but thinks there not.very funny nice caring and sweet you can talk to them about anything perfect person to marry
Person 1: you got a JoDee!?

Person 2:yeah i did!

Person 3: dont talk about them like there pokemon
by Something awesome August 20, 2016
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Now that's a fine piece of ass. Jodee is usually a person that is funny, smart and quite attractive.
Boy: *looks at girl* Now that's a Jodee.
by unicornsandrainbows6968 December 31, 2013
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A girl that not everybody adores, but she loves herself and doesn't need anybody else's shit.

One who's always crazy, but super-sweet. You'll love her, once you get to know her!
Person 1: You're friends with Jodee?
Person 2: Yeah, she's the best!
by MackDoesStuff March 09, 2017
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