The dopest R&B group that consists of two sets of brothers DeVante and Dalvin and K-Ci and JoJo.
Love you for life by JoDeCi is my wedding song!
by FlyAway July 18, 2011
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A Real ass nigga that strives to be the best in what he does. Holds his word on what he talks about. Takes care of his family no matter what. Seeks wealth health prosperity and just whole lot of growth. A nigga named jodeci loves expensive shit but is humble about it. Jodeci get all the girls but is picky with who he bring into his life, aka a freak in bed so dont test him. If you friends with him keep him because you alaways need a real nigga in your life.
You seen that real nigga"
No whats his name"
Nigga name Jodeci"
by Money77 November 8, 2019
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She thinks she's fat when really, she's not. She's really pretty and a lot of guys like her even though she might not think so. She's my bestfriend and hopefully always will be. She's fun to hangout with even though she can be a bitch(; She's extremely funny and perverted at times(: She could get like any guy she wanted to, even the ones with a girlfriend. She's extremely trustworthy. I love herr<33 My shitbuddy forever&always<3
by iloveyoujodeciiii<3 June 25, 2011
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Is a small guy who gets all the girls . If you ever find a jodeci never leave them they act like a bad boyfriend but is actually a good one . They not back down from anything . If you ever become friends with a jodeci get ready to amused, picked on, will toughen you up and give you good advice. They are great at sports , very handsome and strong.
One time I went to a park and saw a jodeci playing football and making people laugh.
by Why do look at me May 24, 2018
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A real nigga, who is a serious gyalist, can get most dope tings
Girl:omg I jus saw jodecie he was looking too sexy

Girl 2: oooooo everyone loves him
by Serious tug April 13, 2019
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A real ass nigga who strives to be the best in what he does. Seeks prosperity wealth health. Takes care of his family no matter what, A real nigga name jodeci gets all the girls but yet is picky on what he bring to his life. Humble but prideful. If your friend's with jodeci keep him close because you alaways want a real nigga in your life.
Hey have you seen that real nigga"
No whats his name"

Nigga name Jodeci
by Money77 November 8, 2019
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when bands or DJs try way too hard and try to be all cool and arrogant and above everyone and think they came up with this novel idea to use parts of each of their names as their group name.
vocalist: ok guys we can use the “LO” from my name Louis
bassist: fine, use the end piece of my last name “Berthelot”

Al the drummer: ok Jodeci whatevs
Sergio the guitarist: ...maybe use the “SER” ??!!
manager: you guys we have something really novel here, I think we could go with it
by williet hughnot January 25, 2020
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