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Kim: "Honey, you know I love you but your jizzel is stinging my back."

Mike: "Listen babe, once I launch it, I don't care where it lands or what it does."
by WhyMe? February 13, 2014
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I nickname for a lesbian that always hangs out with gay guys...

Due to her being around gay men so often she is covered in "jizz" therefore she is Jizzels.
Hey Wezzels do you and Jizzels (Lesbian) wanna come to our queertastic party?
by Wezzels April 24, 2010
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Beautiful girl and loyal girl.She is the best girl to hang out with.<3.She is amazing to be around and to be friends with.She so pretty and she skinny.She makes your day.πŸ’œShe is protective to her friends and family.And she loves spending time with them.She is always littπŸ”₯
I love jizzel
Im a jizzel
by Jizzel May 12, 2018
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A beautiful girl. She can accomplish anything she puts her head to. She is strong and never gives up!Jizzel means YOUR PRETTY JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
wow,babygirl your so jizzel.
by rozy garza March 12, 2019
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