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A unique name given to a select few whom have been chosen by the creator of such texts as the Brocode and How to catch all 150 pokemon. Some common words used to describe Jiyan are:
Optimus prime
Barney Stinson
God's go to man

Possessors of the name Jiyan tend to have the ability to be awesome 99.997% of the time, the other 0.003% of the time they are sleeping thus rendering them incapable of being fully awesome, only awesome.

Every Friday night it has been rumored that a group of Jiyans (More than one-Jiyani) meet up and gabber the night away.

It is not uncommon for a Jiyan to be in several bromances at any given time.
Dude 1: Bro did you just see that guy walk out of the party with every chick that was in there and a series of Glee cast members?

Dude 2: Yeah bro he must be a Jiyan
by Savvy man October 16, 2010
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A really attractive boy or man who is very kind, and never has time for himself. But, he uses all his spare time to help others. He also has a very large penis,which he uses to fend of other males trying to be the alpha male. Also, when Jiyan falls in love with someone, he wants them, and will do anything for them, even give them gum when the teacher is watching.
Oliver-“yo Jiyan do you wanna go cinema and watch deadpool 2”.

Jiyan-“sorry man I’m going out and giving food to homeless people. And I also need to help my crush with her homework and revision”.
Oliver-“It’s calm man I’ll go with Jamie”.
Jiyan-“Sorry man, is love to come, but I need to help these people, they’re worse of than me”.
by Specialpeter June 10, 2018
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