An alternate version of Groovy. Taken from the era of the Jive, a popular dance that originated from the United States around the 1940s. Jivey is used to express excitement and a sense of joy; as one would experience while dancing.
" My day was so jivey; it seemed like it never stopped. "

" How are you? " -- " I'm Jivey, Yourself? "

" Jivey man, I can't believe that track! It rocked the house earthquake style "
by Viavoid August 31, 2009
1.A black man or woman.
2. A black person with a difficult attitude.
3. A black person with a swagger.
by Frank DeGiacomo May 8, 2006
A black person.
A black person with a righteous attitude.
Check out that hot jivey lady over there.
He is an angry jivey man.
That jivey man's got it going on.
by Frank DeGiacomo May 15, 2006