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Leader of Korean boy group B1A4.
Makes you feel like shit with his prettiness.
Person 1: Who's that?
Person 2: That's Jinyoung
Person 1: How is he so gorgeous though? He looks..
Person 2: Like a girl? I know
Person 1:
Person 2: Feeling like shit yet?
by deulighted August 08, 2012
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Say his name you die. He comes in your house and murder you. He has super human human (ya, super human human) and will find you if you speak of his name. He is a member of Got7 and the scariest person ever that will end humanity and the Earth itself so don't ever say Jinyou--
"Did you hear about Got7?"
"What about Got7"
"Will I heard that Jinyou--"
"Shh don't speak of his name"
"Who, Jinyoung?"
*Jinoung breaks a wall*
by The Modern Dictionary April 19, 2018
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the sweetest man in the universe. he really cherishes his wife and loves to be teased by his beloved.
did you hear? jinyoung and kayang got married yesterday!!
by blugoat June 14, 2018
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