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Jide is an awesome guy,who likes to stay away from trouble,he's also friendly,smart and extremely great.
Random person:I like Jide's personality, what do you think?
Other person: Yea,you're right.
by shelovesjheezzy March 15, 2017
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to Jide;
Jide, Jiding, Jided.

To unintentionally insult someone.
Harry jided Hannah.
by Harry. May 03, 2004
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excessive skin that flaps over the head of the male sex organ
Johnny's penis looks like a little kid's arm that has an extra large sweater on. Jide
by Johnny Jide December 07, 2009
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creep; sketchy-ass dude; someone who gives you the creeps
"Girl, this kid Chris is a total jide!!"
"I can tell, he's been jiding you all night.."
by hot pot February 14, 2015
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