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The grey area between a social gathering and a party, probably with music and bevs but not usually going over the upper limit of about 15-20 people. Requires very little preparation like a full blown knees up, and is normally situated in a living room, garden or random field near someone's house
"Jickle at mine tonight bring bud" "Is there a jickle on tonight?" " Is it jickle"
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by jicklwe April 17, 2017
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The act of telling someone a joke and tickling them simultaneously to induce overwhelming laughter.
Betty decided to jickle me, but i retaliated with a firm Donkey Punch.
by Kylesz August 02, 2008
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A Males private area, also known as penis, dick, cock. refers to its long shape such as a pickle.
Brittney decided to call jesse's penis a jickle. she also likes the jickle pickles which are long wide pickles, sometimes sour.
by ja-macian me crazyy January 11, 2011
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