To dominate or boss a situation. To "own the room" and to be seen as the natural leader.
That guy completely jibbied work today, he bossed the situation.
by agg25 July 26, 2013
Adverb used to describe extreme abundance or to a high degree. Used in situations to emphasize the significance of the verb it describes.
When the little chubby kids saw the Ice cream truck pull onto the block they ran jibby quick to catch it.
by Tresor November 16, 2022
A general term to describe an exceptionally positive vibe, attitude, or influence. A person with a lot of Jibby can step into a combative, conflict ridden, situation and quickly bring calm and rationality with only a few words or, perhaps even just a simple hand gesture.
I thought things were about to blow sky high in that room until Pablo stepped in with the Jibby.
by geðillur kartöflu December 18, 2014
The good and or resulting in good; favorable or advantageous; beneficial. Without negativity or harm. Unrestrained positive influence. Generous and beneficent.
He was the only candidate I trusted so I voted for him: i think he has the Jibby.
by Abdul JbNee February 12, 2015
A nickname for Najib Razak, the sixth and current Prime Minister of Malaysia who is been accused of multi-billion dollar corruptions and murder scandals.
"Jibby is probably the worst Malaysian prime minister ever, even the U.S Department of Justice is investigating him now."
by Jebat Derhaka October 15, 2017
literally means "mindfuck", but can be extended to express outright confusion and disoriented-ness
Person 1: "Yo, did you just watch Inception?"
Person 2: "Yeah, that shit was jibby!"

Person 1: "Did you understand any of the math homework?"
Person 2: "Nah, man, I was so jibbied out."
by Jibby McJibster September 24, 2011
Jibbi is a very handsome boy who has a massive dick
He is also a very clever boy and often rich
by Pyr3xliving December 17, 2018