This girl has the tiniest dick in the world ,so not a hard fucker but she is very attaractive especially when she sways.she is consider to be a very free speaker and talk on whats on her mind.
come on jia lets go party
nu uh uh ye
come on jia lets go party oH wowo
by THEALWAYSRIGHT May 28, 2020
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To be Jew, Indian, Asian cheap with money
Dude you were being so JIA back there over $5
by atrosity October 03, 2017
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A young Asian male guilty of multiple counts of possession of CP, they have shit taste in anime and games and dream to make it big in the music industry.

Also, is usually found around a Fraser.
"Shut the hell up. You're damn annoying, you Jia."
by Mawtini September 08, 2020
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