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It can mean anything you want it to mean. Ex: happiness, praise, anything, etc.
Person 1: "I just got a 100 on my last test!"
Person 2: "Dude, that's so jia."

Person 1: "So, what's up?"
Person 2: "I'm feeling jia today."

Person 1: "Jia! I just fell down the stairs!"
Person 2: "Are you jia?"

Person 1: "I hate my teacher. She's always yelling at me."
Person 2: "I know what you mean. She can be such a jia sometimes."

Person 1: "Have a jia summer! :)"
by P.D.P August 4, 2010
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A perfect woman who is very sexy, cute, beautiful, gorgeous, hot, wonderful, lovable, a huge turn on for every guy who always tease
Guy 1: Yo this girl Jia is so perfect, I wish i could date her.
Guy 2: Yeah mannnn, I'm so jealous of anyone who could get with her!!!
by The asian monkey July 12, 2022
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A young Asian male guilty of multiple counts of possession of CP, they have shit taste in anime and games and dream to make it big in the music industry.

Also, is usually found around a Fraser.
"Shut the hell up. You're damn annoying, you Jia."
by Mawtini September 9, 2020
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Slang for yes, yeah, etc.
Q: Hey N-Dub you wanna hit up some b-ball?
A : Jia.
by Puffy January 19, 2004
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Jia means hi, and bye in the english langauge. Similiar to Shalom (computor inspired: Hia & Bia)
Jia Tim, this is my best friend; Bob.
by Analog Ph33r June 7, 2010
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Jia is a girl who is giant. Big feet and big hands. but overall she’s a wonderful girl beautiful. can be stubborn at times. but is the best, and fun to hang with. would be the bests friend for anyone
Look it’s Jia let’s go talk to her”
by love ya gurl December 25, 2019
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This girl has the tiniest dick in the world ,so not a hard fucker but she is very attaractive especially when she sways.she is consider to be a very free speaker and talk on whats on her mind.
come on jia lets go party
nu uh uh ye
come on jia lets go party oH wowo
by THEALWAYSRIGHT May 28, 2020
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