their names are Jia Qian and Kin hey <3
they are literally made for each other. like match made in heaven (or maybe hell) they are dirty minded like crazy- they act like they dont care abt each other but actually (secretly) love each other.
they are always leave zoom at the same time- because of the same reasons-
very very suspicious. and when they come to school they are somehow very tired...
girl1:: omg! u guys are so perfect!
kin hey and jia qian in unision:: uh no-
girl2:: omg i ship! <3
jia hey is literally the best
by TheAnoynomousPaparazzi October 3, 2021
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sexiest lad there is.
Wow that guy is a jia cheng
by Jia Cheng November 6, 2017
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A hot big ding dong, Generic Male Species. Allergic to seafood, rides a fixie and obsessed with things with wheels. He can ride anything. Biceps bigger than his ding dong. Born 2001, the one and only Jia Quan word wide, Endangered animal that is good at majong. Definitely not a foo, GPA 4.1. Make any colored girls wet to the touch except blacks and malays.
E.g. OMG! Jia Quan did a wheelie on my mom.
E.g Jia Quan rode on my dad.
E.g Jia Quan is AMAZE BALLS! Be our example!
by pedocat July 22, 2019
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noun: the most awesome, hot, and intelligent person you will ever hear/read about, or meet.
Whoa, I want to be half as pro, jia jun is, then I can rest in peace
by jj49 January 4, 2012
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A Muhammad Ali looking ass. Bench warmer and is the opposite of Humble. Masturbates to Stephen Curry.
by NiHao837 October 14, 2017
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the obessesion caused by the girl name jia or javeria.
guy 1:dude, im really like this javeria girl. i dont know what is happening.

guy 2:dude, i think you're having Jia madness...
by Champ ahm January 25, 2013
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Yoon Jia is a very talented girl. She's an all-rounder trainee, an ace to be exact. The dark horse of the show.
"Yoon Jia can dance, sing, rap, and can make you laugh."
"Yoon Jia can do anything."
by xerin September 17, 2021
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