A Chinese girl's name meaning beautiful flower
Look,its jia xuan ,that gorgeous lady!!
by yayyrandom January 3, 2016
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a total angel from heavennnnnnn omggg. she damnn pretttayyy and has a gorgeous personality. Plus, she is talented and willing to share her opinion of life to her friends. Smart and mature. An absolute gorgeous. A best gift from god anyone could have ever imagined. stay sassyyy MAO JIA
MAO JIA: omg did you just MAOJIA ?
Friends: yup, i scored 100 in my quizzzz
MAO JIA: you go gurllll. Continue being MAOJIA. I scored 10 100s in a row. dk when can i stop getting full marks. im so tired of the figure 100. jiayouuu you still have nine more to gooo
by sassyyyyyyyyy February 18, 2019
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Super smart and kind .most beautiful girl in the world .Normally do not do well for practice papers but come first in examination
That is the most beautiful girl i ever seen,that must be Jia hui
by Mash168 May 31, 2019
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A girl who is quiet at first look, but once you get to know her, all hell breaks lose.
Person 1: "woah, do u remember Jia en?"
Person 2: "u mean from class 01? Yeah the
really quiet one"
Person 3:what? No! She is one of the most crazily fun person you can find!"
by Bob'N'Co May 7, 2013
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Jia Ming is a very smart boy who is very helpful. He always gets straight A's and everyone is very jealous of him. He is a bit sarcastic at times and silly. His parents always want to volunteer for things at his school. He gets the best education in the whole state. His parents might be wealthy.
Teacher: Class we will be doing a class project today so go make groups with a leader!
Boy 1: I choose Jia Ming!
Boy 2: No I choose Jia Ming!
Boy 3: I choose Jia Ming because of how smart he is!
by Lowkeyabbym.. January 21, 2018
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Jia Chen is a popular Chinese Name that is stereotypically born and raised to be a lumberjack, they also have a good connection and feeling to nature and particularly trees and hedges. Name used mainly in the 1920's.
Are you going to grow up to be a "Jia Chen"
Become strong like "Jia Chens"
by Fullgrainials September 18, 2013
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An olympic swimmer from China who, by coincidence, has a funny name that sounds like huge-a. Used to replace huge.
Wow, do we ever have a Hu Jia night planned.
by Hu_Jia August 18, 2006
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