A popular hairstyle in the African-American community especially in the 1980's. This haircut was, as the previous entry says, a perm that loosens up the naturally tightened curls and makes the hair nice and bouncy as a result. The major downside to this hairdo was the extreme amount of maintenance it required to keep it looking pretty. Tons of hair care products made for a lot of greasy situations (no pun intended). Many jokes were actually aimed at this downside, see Coming To America (1988 film starring Eddie Murphy).
When Ricky got up off the leather sofa, his Jheri Curl left a greasy, oily stain where his head used to be. Guess how long that mess took to clean up.
by TheSpectacularOne April 10, 2009
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A hairstyle fad popular in the 1980's.

Curly black hair is worn long and wavy.

Commonly misspelled as "Jerry" or "Jerri" curl.
Even though the Jheri Curl was popular among African Americans, one would not disagree that one of the best was worn by none other than Pedro Martinez.
by Baby Brown June 23, 2009
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Named after hair products of Jheri Redding. A perm that loosens the curls of a black person's hair. Typically seen in Michael Jackson impersonators and pimp stereotypes.
I touched his Jheri curl and couldn't get my hand clean for a week.
by fink September 23, 2003
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A redistricting strategy made famous during the period in the late 1980's, when the Democratic Party moved geographic boundaries of an electoral district in California to include predominantly black-populated areas(South Central Los Angeles, Inglewood, Compton) in an effort to concentrate African American voters sporting the popular greasy hairstyle of the day, thus using 'packing' tactics to insure a constituency that would elect congressional representatives who also sported the couch-ruining do. The term for this strategy remained unnamed for nearly 30 years until comedian Adam Carolla coined it on his podcast, “The Adam Carolla Show”(Episode aired November 3, 2015.).
Congresswoman Maxine Waters may believe the science is still out on the morning after pill but she's definitely a student of the science of Jheri curl-mandering. Tracking sales of Soul Glo in order to target the perfect constituency was a flash of genius on the Democratic Party's part.
by griffin_t_a October 20, 2016
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