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a slang verb used to describe the rapid humping of either an inanimate object or elderly male
"Man! You just jewstinned the shit out of that slipper!"

"Let's go jewstin your grandpa!"
by KristyLynn July 28, 2008
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a small retard, who spends 50% of his time playing mlb videogames and the other 50% sleeping his life away and masterbating to myspace pictures of girls with hopes that he will marry them. originated in dallas, texas, (NOT) and has a firey crotch. he's often found shouting out phrases like "carry on the plan of your day", and "good to fucking go". he has friends that say "i secured that bitch!". which says alot about "the jewstin".
"that jewstin turned down webcamming a sexy girl to play mlb!"
"i thought that guy was a homo, but he was just a jewstin."
by twentyfivecentz March 08, 2010
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