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1. A person of Jewish and Asian decent.
2. A Jewish guy that loves Asian bitches.
Man, that bitch didn't pay her toll AND she can't drive... probably a Jewsian.

I love Asian bitches... they love my giant Jewish cock.
by AK4'7 July 20, 2005
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da jew bastads that live in space and produce the t.v. shoow "EARTH."
hey the jewsians are mashing dome piece jump down s..c locals only.
by gfhgfhgfbfxd January 09, 2008
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Jews who are very strict in the way they follow judaism

aka. Orthodox jews, ultra-orthodox jews

Origin of word: A south park episode term that was adapted by myself
I went to synagouge today and hung out with my jewsian friends
by Dave K November 03, 2004
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A type of religion for people who don't believe in god, but want all the perks of being a Christian and/or Jewish.
They pray to Buddha and celebrate their own holidays along with the holidays from other religions.
Jewsians pray for mostly selfish reasons and party almost constantly. The are the least stingy of any religion unless it comes to money.

Their main belief is to have a good time in whatever they do.
You can always know who the Jewsians are at the party because they will be the ones partying the longest.
Jewsians accept other races into their religion such as blacks, asians, and nerdy white kids.

Founder: Amelia Gross
I'm jewsian so I get 12 days of Christmas!

That jewsian boy always throws the beastiest partys.
by JewsianPriestIsaSexyBeast[a.g] December 09, 2008
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