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Extremely aggresive outbursts and slurs shown towards suspected Jews or persons with "Jewish" characteristics usually resulting in police intervention or violence. Jewrage is usually the result of a hefty drinking binge.
That was some unnecessary Jewrage there mate!
by The Boobiewatcher December 31, 2009
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Ripping someone off very bad, being extremely cheap
Michael- Yo Jebbadiah I havent had a drink for 3weeks, can you giv me some water?

Jebbadiah- I'll give u this half drank pepsi can for $3.50

Michael- ... Dammit man control your jew rage.
by Paul Kizzo November 19, 2006
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1. Being sued by someone whose last name ends in 'stein', 'berg', or 'witz'.

2. When you are getting pwned during a game of Call of Duty and you whine and scream like you're being thrown in an oven.
After repeatedly getting owned by n00bs, LB started to show off his Jew Rage (2). His offensive speech prompted a n00b to call his lawyer and have him served with his own brand of Jew Rage. (1)
by SicSemper October 17, 2009
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