A robot that violently enforces Jewish doctrine. Its right arm terminates with a rusty blade, utilized in impromptu Gentile circumcisions. Its left arm dispenses yamekahs onto uncovered male heads, and its fingers double as menorah lighters. Comes equipped with an internal Gentile detector.
That Jew-bot will NOT have my foreskin!
by Jewel Keller November 12, 2006
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Jewish defender of truth, justice, and the bottish way.
How many jewbots are needed to defend Jewish chat rooms from Muslims? Just one.
by julesk October 19, 2006
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A stupid, stubborn, dumbass who likes to fuck jews while going beep boop baab.
Ooh Anthony you are such a good Jewbot! Beep bop
by Penismc5 April 23, 2010
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