A term relating to a budget Airline flying out of Australia renowned for poor customer service, flight cancellations and lost luggage with no particular reason or explanation.

Synonyms are Ryanaired or Easyjetted.
I won't be able to make that Hangi, I've been Jetstarred in Auckland again.
by Grimpudding June 23, 2011
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Qantas Low Cost Airline Named Jetstar a rival to Virgin Blue to relaim the "No Frills" Air Service Market.

Uses Saying:

"All Day, Every Day Low Fares"
Jetstar... "All Day, Every Day Low Fares"
by Tassiedude April 24, 2006
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When referring to travelling through the air on budget but with efficiency and ease in the Asia Pacific. Must encompass use of technology e.g. boarding pass in the form of a text message.
"It was a real jetstar when I travelled from Auckland to Queenstown"
by ambamjam January 03, 2013
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