A Catholic prayer used during times of great stress and turmoil; it's also used to express gratefulness when a blessing is received. Often abbreviated as "JMJ".
1. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, help all those who are trying to escape war-torn places. Amen.

2. I passed my exam! JMJ, thank you!
by Totus Tuus January 5, 2018
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The pinnacle of Catholic blasphemous interjections. Often shouted, and done so only when the situation calls for it.
*A giant brown bear runs into the middle of the road, as you are driving down it*

by A Non-E Moose November 15, 2007
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Nikocado Blablablado's catchphrase.
Nikocado: *does something* Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!
by rl90599 September 5, 2020
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A extremely Christian phrase, usually practised by white 23 year old virgins trying to become more christian after their uncle Dave criticised them for that car they bored... stole.
White christian: (spills coffee) Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
anybody else accept from very white Christians: Whaaaattttt!
by hello there bye there May 30, 2018
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To get sooooo drunk you don't remember anything the next day.
Oh man, i was so Jesus Mary and Josephed last night, my head is banging.
by Nikki Hollie Yasmir January 2, 2008
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The irreverent, blasphemous, Catholic-blasting exclamatory phrase used when a stupid and funny event occurs.
Lars was so drunk that he left his house in his tidy-whiteys without his pants, went to the corner store, and brought back a six-pack.

You: What an idiot! Jesus, Mary and Joseph on a pogo stick!
by Janbaby May 13, 2010
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