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1. A bra filled with tissue or any other substance, used to make one's chest appear to be larger.

2. A technique used by desperate teens/pre-teens to win the hearts of boys that have just reached the age of puberty.

3. Something that never, ever works.
1. "That girl with the stuffed bra was an A cup the other day..."
by AmazinglySexy December 04, 2006

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1. A place that you go when you LAWL(lol,rofl) really hard.

2. The state of being in a ROFLing session that seems interminable.

3. A street in Jessup, Pennsylvania.
1. "That picture of those furries just totally took me to Lawler Street."


3. "We have to pick Steve up. Turn right onto Lawler Street."
by AmazinglySexy December 04, 2006

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1. (Noun)
A dump so icredible that it becomes a historical controversy, and causes a group of people to burn a young girl at the stake
1. "They killed the girl down my street because of the fucking dump inquisition I had the other day."
by AmazinglySexy December 03, 2006

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1. (Plural Noun)
The group of people in your school who never stopped watching Pokemon, fail to bathe on a daily basis, become strangely obsessed with the marching band and instruments that they can't play for shit, and draw furries.
1. "The Pokemons are talking about band again."
2. "The Pokemons are looking at furries in the computer lab."
by AmazinglySexy December 02, 2006

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1. (Noun)
The day dedicated to resting after taking an enourmous shit.

2. (Noun)
The ending day of a shit that lasts for a week.

3. A shit that takes so long, you feel like you need to dedicate a day to it.
1. "The massive load I just dropped calls for a Dump Sabbath, because I'm so tired."

3. "I just took a fucking Dump Sabbath."

by AmazinglySexy December 02, 2006

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1. (n.)
A town in North Eastern Pensylvania (NEPA)-- near Scranton, Carbondale, and relatively close to Wilkes Barre.

A town where the people get creepily involved with 'holidays' that involve getting sloshed and carrying weird-looking statues of saints that nobody's heard of up and down hills.
The only other place in the world to hold SAINT UBALDO DAY aside from Gubbio, Italy.

A town where nobody uses proper grammar, and everyone talks like they're retarded.
1. "Lets go to da Jessup ta pick up dem der Ubaldo Statues."
by AmazinglySexy December 04, 2006

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