The most beautiful, amazing, cute, gold-hearted, funny girl that has ever lived. An honestly perfect soulmate, so much so, that any man who has her will never let go of her.
Guy: Hey is that your girlfriend jess?

Guy 2: Yeh but bro. Its “is that your *wife* jess. then yes it is her.
by McGlynnEvan December 19, 2020
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A really nice girl when it comes to her friends. She loves everyone except really stupid people. Man magnet and loves every kind of person (except annoying obviously.)
by MessieBear November 25, 2019
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Jess is the type of girl who when you look at her it makes your whole day brighten up. See I her smile is like seeing the light and the end of a tunnel. She’s the most beautiful girl. Although she can be a bitch at times she is also very giving, and try’s to see the good in people. She wonders why the world revolves around food and love. But she wants both tremendously.....
1. Who’s that cutie

2. Jess.

1. Ah I understand
by Linda marsh September 25, 2018
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Jess a total babe that was brought down from heaven in to arms soft lips last cant be truned away. body like a fashionnova modle. she cute asl sexy asf and stays loyal to HER MAN.
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Jess is generally short for Jessie. To be a Jess is to be true to ones self through and through. He is generally a creative type and has that spark that is exhibited in no other. Generally he has many walls put up and tends to avoid conflict but if you teach him that he can trust you, you will never regret it. Once he lets you in he is the sweetest person. His platonic love is shown more than his romantic love but both are stronger than Hercules himself. He lives off of sarcasm and has a twenty page list of movies you MUST see. He listens to all types of music and will bombard you with recommendations. If you hurt him he will forgive you, his breaking point is too far. He will leave if he has too but only as a last resort. When one pushes him in this way he is colder than the dark side of Mercury. Never do this to him because despite the calm and collected outside, he just wants someone that won’t leave. If you have a Jess you are one of the luckiest people on earth.
Yeah I’m going to go check of Jess, he’s in a funk cause he has to leave his best friend.

What song are you listening to?
Oh, Jess recommenced it. Isn’t it a bop?
by Unicornboi May 06, 2020
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A rude girl who always wants to be the leader and always wants to be the best at things. She especially loves animals. And if you get in the good side of her, you’ll be there forever.
by Idontyhinkiwanttobehere October 25, 2020
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