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A very outgoing girl that is very Loveable And gorgeous, fun to hangout with , A great friend And Guys Want Her But Cant Have Her .
I Wish I Knew Jesenia .
by Crazyy101 October 06, 2011
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One of kind. Truly the most amazing type of woman. She cares. She listens. She loves like no other. She loves life. She is sweeter then most. Her heart is so big. She is a loyal companion. Sometimes misunderstood but never seizes to amaze. Her sense of humor is captivating and her charisma is enchanting. She is a genuine friend. Explosive in imagination. A true romantic. The kind of women you wife up. Her laugh is contagious. Her eyes gleam in the sunlight. Her mind is beautiful and she is beautiful. Let yourself fall for her. When you meet her...never let her go.
The other day I prayed for a good women to come in to my life and make me happy like no other, little did I know that Jesenia was there all along.

Jesenia is one in a million.
by She_Deserves_Respect October 04, 2011
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A really cute girl who can be very crazy and fun to hang out with. She is a heart stealer and can get both genders if she wants!
Guy 1: im hungry for a jesenia
by NicoleMarieeStarr April 23, 2009
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A very beautiful girl who loves like no other. It takes her a while to take an interest in someone, but when she falls, she falls hard. She’s a keeper, someone like her is someone you need to cuff! She’s also an amazing friend and has a huge heart. If you let her go, you’re dumb, because you’ll never meet someone as genuine and kind and caring as her.

Name Origin: Spanish
Jesenia looks beautiful today.
Jesenia is an amazing friend.
by soaphandle April 23, 2018
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jesenia: a great friend
will ALWAYS be there for you

wonderful personality

makes great memes

will steal your mans

gives great advice

overall just a great friend
by agreatfriendnamedlala January 21, 2018
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A unique, intelligent, yet somewhat peculiar girl. She has a hard time being completely understood but she always has an easy time getting along with others.
That girl loves Kicks AND loves being a fulltime nerd, she's a Jesenia.
by jesgonecrazy August 16, 2009
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This slut hot af like literally the most gorgeous person I’ve met like everything about her is just perfection. The hoe can also sing like woah. She funny, sweet, sometimes kind. Basically a whole queen. She’s also pretty obsessed with kpop so prepare to only hear about that when you talk to her. She’s also thicc which is another goddess like quality of her
Everyone wants a Jesenia

Dang Jesenia hot af

I bet Jesenia wants a chicken Gordita supreme rn
by Isaiahknows September 16, 2018
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