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The Best Show on planet Earth!
Unlike the show "Jersey Shore" The cast in Jerseylicious actually have lifes, It is beleived that Jerseylicious was made to proove that not all people from Jersey are, well.. stupid. The cameras follow the lives of these young career driven professionals and their way to stardom. They dont use the cameras to get where they want like, the other show, they WORK for what they want..

The Cast is as follows,

Olivia (make up artist)
Tracy (hairstylist) Gigi (hairstylist)
Alexa (make up artist, a.k.a "Glam Fairy")
Gayle (Salon Owner)
Christy (Gayles daughter)
Anthony (Hairstylist, also owner of his own salon, "Anthony Rob")
Fillipo (Anthonys intern)
Frankie (Gigis Boyfriend)
Briella (Olivias BFF)

Olivia &Tracy bump heads alot. Olivia minds her own business, makes herself Lead make up artist working for Gatsby &Anthony Robs. Tracy always bashes Olivia for no reason.. Tracy is the true definiotion of TWO-FACED she uses her manipulative ways to work for both Gayle at the Gatsby & Alexa with her company the Glam Factory.. Knowing that if she gets caught her job at the Gatsby would be no more because Alexa &Gayle are in a feud themselves.. Briella, once Olivias BFF, starts working with The Glam Fairy &Tracy takes the oppurtunity to snatch her too, Briellas simple mind falls into Tracys trap &ends her friendship with Olivia, Gigi &Frankie are up and down, she wants this while he wants that, they take a break then she wants that &he wants this.
Girl 1: "Have you seen the show Jerseylicious?"
Girl 2: "OMG yes! The Situatuion brought home a grenade!"
Girl 1: "Ummm no, you must be confusing talented Jerseylicious with that STD show Jersey Shore"
Girl 2: "Well, theyre both Jersey, so arent they basically the same thing?"
Girl 1: "Again, ummm NO.. Its completely different, Jerseylicious is classy, the people actually HAVE lifes.."
Girl 2: "Like, OMG! Why havent i heard of this show before!!?!"
Girl 1: "Lol.., well its on the Style network, Sundays at 5"
Girl 2: "Great! So theres no Buff guys or any of that?"
Girl 1: "Oh theres guys, ;) Theyre just not SLUTS!!"
Girl 2: "I think im in love.. . "
by Team Olivia February 17, 2011
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a show where Olivia and Tracy hate each other and fight all the time.
contains a lot of zebra and cheetah prints and lots of dumb people who are really stupid.
Briella and Olivia are having one of their dumb moments on jerseylicious and that's why its my favorite show.
by supercutekid November 19, 2011
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attire and attitude which is truly tacky yet with the New Jersey concept it is cool and correct because you think so.
While Jersey Shore made jerseylicous mainstream, Charo, the Kardashian sisters, Britney Spears, Keisha all know a thing or two about jerseylicious.
by gammaray1 February 01, 2011
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