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Jerry Seinfelding: - A Very Annoying Person - the act of one Jewing around about useless shit that will not make a difference Ex. Prices of something/The act of another person/, Complaining about something for no apparent reason yet not making your point clear Ex. Complaining about something so ridiculous, it gets annoying and you want to punch the person in the mouth, Arguing uncontrollably about someones stance, skin color, Price compared to another Price, A specific way someone says a word and or The price of the Chinese food you order all the time.
Mom: Alright if you want to ride your bike you have to wear a helmet.

Kid: Im 16 years old im pretty sure i don't need a helmet.

Mom: Then you can't go out.

Kid: Your being ridicules ma its a block away.

Mom: You can get hit by a car and fall and crack your skull

Kid: Alright so at the specific time i go down the block, im going to be in some kind of final destination stance when Death pushes a fucking car over the sidewalk flipping over and specifically crushing me. You really need to stop jerry seinfelding and you can start by SHUTTING THE FUCK UP.

A family is in a supermarket
Mom: I don't want to get the sauce off the shelf.
Dad: Yah i agree
Kid: Why not
Mom: There is a scary looking black guy in that isle.
Kid: What is he going to do fucking rape you.
Dad: How about we go to the super market in long island.
Kid: that is like 2 fucking hours away.
Mom: Yah lets go there
Dad: The prices are also too expensive
Kid: Whats the big difference
Mom: Well the can of sauce is like 2 dollars cheaper at the other super market.
Kid: First off this is a block away from our house make use of it, second off i can pull 2 dollars out of my ass crack if you want and finally...Shut the fuck up and stop jerry seinfelding before i go kramer on your ass.
by Chris Toh Fah September 07, 2010
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