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Very outgoing person who can have alot of friends but choses not to. Very kind hearted and greatful. Once your a friend of Jerica you cannot be rude,beacuse she turns any negative thing into a joke to make people laugh. Can almost never get angery or upset,unless u cross their line.
Usiwally found in some random place at random times. Really really random too!! Never breaks a friendship with anyone unless is forced to beacuse the person is very rude, dis-respecting and dull. Do not ever,EVER make Jerica mad beacuse it can MESS YOU UP!! You never know what Jerica will do next...DUN DUN DUUUU!!!
Person1: Hello.
Jerica: Hi fellow person whom I dont know!!
Person1: What?
Jerica: What?
Person1: I don't know,what?
Jerica: I'm gonna get some chicken,bye!!
by IAMME February 11, 2013
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a unique name to call a very hot girl with amazing blue eyes. she has a fantastic sense of style and humor. once youre with her you just want to hold her close and be with her all the time.

p.s. if youre reading this jerica, come back to ohio. we all miss you.
guy: youll never believe this, but last night.. i met a total jerica
guys friend: woah.
by luckys17 December 03, 2009
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A name of a beautiful and outgoing yet shy and mysterious women. Often Changes hair color.

"Never know what Jerica will do next!"
by Skididle October 13, 2008
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n. 1. A rare cross between a Filipino and a British dude. 2. Face slightly resembles that of a husky. 3. Has a passion for JDM cars but can't drive for shit. 4. Has a well-known somewhat psychotic laugh. 5. Throws flags around and calls it a sport. 6. Has been described as a fortune cookie, because she's sweet and crunchy at the same time.
Ay yo! If Jerica gets on top, YOU'RE DONE!!
by TheMo'FuckingChief December 28, 2009
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cold hearted but kind to the people she likes. Don't cross her cause she doesn't care what happens after. Just want love but doesn't show it. LASTLY she very good looking, and has big dreams.

Jerica I miss you.
''watch where your going little girl.'

'kick in the balls' ''shut up old man'' - Jerica
by Lonelywolfxxx February 04, 2018
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A short nomadic female that usually travels with packs of other rednecks. Brings wine on camping excursions, legally is not allowed to drive and enjoys long walks on the beach.
Also is kept on stric sexual schedual.
Dellen : Damn honey, its thursday! You kno what that means dont you???

Jon Roy : Turn the music on baby its time for jerica!
by beachwalker08 April 23, 2008
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1) A very foul girl that usually doesnt have any friends because she is so socially awkward.
2) Has horrible taste in fashion and shoes.
3) Thinks she has "natural beauty"
"OMFG! She's such a 'Jerica.' No wonder she doesn't have any friends."
by ChaceAshcroft January 13, 2009
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