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Jeremy Davis is currently the bass player for the freaking awesome band Paramore. He is 22 years old and is the oldest member of the band. The song "All We Know" off of their debut album "All We Know Is Falling" was written about Jeremy when he briefly left the band.
ME: Jeremy Davis is a rockin bass player. :

Random Person: yahhhh and hes totally hot. XD

ME: Chyeah
by BLESSTHEFALLishxc February 10, 2008
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The bassist from the rock band Paramore. Briefly left
the band and came back later. Is often referred to as
Kelly's future husband. He also doesn't like to button

up his shirts and lusts after Chuck Norris.
"OMFGLAWD It's Jeremy Davis!" - Mr. Clean
"You better back off that's my man!"-Kelly.
by YellowPoweranger July 17, 2009
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Sexy beast. Bassist for Paramore. Has the most downright amazing facial hair. Everyone loves him, for he is very hawt. :D <3
Girl: Whos that guy with the sexy mustache in Paramore?
Parawhore: Oh, thats Jeremy Davis. Don't you love his facial hair and incredibly dashing good looks?

Girl: Oh yes, he's quite yummy. I'mma listen to some Paramore so I can hear him be amazing on the bass.
Parawhore: NEW BEST FRIEND! x3
by ieffingloveparamoreheart. December 29, 2010
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He is a devil child that came into your class and cries about going back to where he used to live. He is definitely a faggot or at least very gay. He does things that do not respect anyone and is not liked by anyone. He is a serious fucking fag and is an asshole. Jeremy Davis is addicted to his phone and porn and cannot stop being addicted to these things. He rubs it in your face that he is a rich-ass bitch.
Jeremy Davis is not a nice person and deserves to be ignored by all people
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Jeremy is a Gay Asshole who whines about anything that doesn't go his way. If it doesn't go his way he will brag about his addiction to either porn or his phone. He will cry to his mommy and daddy in order to return to where he used to live.
Jeremy Davis is an asshole who deserves to be ignored.
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Guy with a sub 4” penis and abnormally large head. Derives pleasure from women, and secretly men, penetrating his anus with objects ranging from dildos to television remotes to unclean hands. Notwithstanding desire to commit gay sex acts swears by his heterosexuality, often times overcompensating by saying things like “guy” and “yup” and “I see one deer dude.”
I shouldn’t have slept with that guy last night, he was smaller than my pinky and kept asking for it in the ass. What a Jeremy Davis.
by Kurt Stevens 11 July 16, 2018
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