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Jennah is a super smart and really funny girl . She's also sweet, caring, and beautiful . She has the best smile and laugh in the world. Her eyes are the most beautiful shade of dark brown. One look into her eyes, and you'll be blown away. Jennah could go on and on about anything and everyone would still want to listen to her. She's got black hair that looks amazing whether it's curly/wavy, pulled back, straight or down. If you can get a Jennah to like you, Never EVER let her go.
Bro I met this girl named Jennah. She's super hot and funny.
by J.M. <333 June 30, 2018
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Jennah is a gorgeous girl. She is one of the most sassy girls you will meet but once you get to know her then she is very kind and has a beautiful heart. She is a great friend and will do anything for her friends.
Man i wish jennah was my friend :( ):
by 123456j November 06, 2018
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Jennah is a smart and funny girl . She's so sweet and caring . She loves to .laugh and smile . She likes to make other people smile . She always wants to pick people up when they're down . She's got eyes that'll melt you away . They sparkle like the ocean . Once you look into them you'll never want to look away . If your lucky enough to have a Jennah fall in love with you don't let her go . She'll love you unconditionally for the rest of her life .
I met an amazing girl named Jennah.
by adrian cortez November 11, 2013
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so cool, has tons of friends, likes the wrong guys, loves to go shopping, smart
Jennah is sooo hot! She's a genius but she acts like a blonde to make life more fun! She's occasionally attracted to the wrong guys...ex: PLAYERS AND ASSHOLES!
by Shesyours!TAKEHER July 07, 2011
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Jennah is a beautiful girl, she is very gorgeous! Her eyes are hazel and they shine like the night sky, if you ever find a girl named jennah trust me keep her. When you first meet her she might be a bitch. But once you get to know her, youll be like where have you been all my life, the way she looks into your eyes it amazing, itll take your breath
Jennah i love you
by Dilly22420 March 15, 2019
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Jennah is the most caring person youll meet, once she trust you, dont break that trust, she is very beautiful, when you look into her gorgeous hazel eyes youll fall in love, she is the very best person to have by your side, she will ride and die fo you, when she smiles it will take your bresth away, you will never regret fallin in love with her
Jennah is beautiful
by Dilly22420 March 15, 2019
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