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Small town full of sheltered people, referred to as "the bubble." There is a church on every street corner, and the football team blows. The people of Jenison are an interesting group, growing up in a conservative town in a liberal age.
I've seen 5 churches on this road.
We must be in Jenison.
by CocoabutterwithvitaminE April 14, 2009
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A Michigan city full of pampered and spoiled white kids. Most people are Christian. Not very welcoming, often reject people of different race and religion. They are very serious about academics and fine arts, but don't let them fool you. Most girls in the high school are sluts and the guys only care about sex.
Crap my parents are forcing me to go to Jenison... damn.
by dlkjflsjd February 12, 2009
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They party all night, and sleep during school. The kids here rebel against the conservative lifestyle of their parents. Every kid is likely to have a DUI before they even turn 21. They know how to have a good time, there's no doubt about it.
"Who's going to that party?"
"A bunch of Jenison girls"
by sdfsdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdf July 14, 2009
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Jenison, Michigan. Is where all people are welcomed. We are no whores or sluts. We have a good Fine Arts program. (Plays,Orchestra,Band,and Choir) We have 5 elementarys (K-6), 1 Early Childhood Center, 1 Junior High (7-8), and 1 highschool (9-12). We are respectful, kind, curtosy, and a lot more, other than Hudsonville (A town over.) We have nice facilutys and a nice pool!
1 person: Do you like Jenison?
2 person: Yes I do! I'm in orchestra and they have fantastic teachers! Also I do swimming and they have a nice pool!
1 person: Cool! I might switch from Hudsonville, since kids get in fights all the time, to Jenison!
2 person: SWEET!! :D
by Jtown Girl 13 March 30, 2012
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A town for big sluts that will have sex with just about anyone. People often hate eachother for no apparent reason, Hudsonville (a city over)is way better than Jenison, because there is no sluts and whores.
"She is such a whore!"
"Yeah, She must be from Jenison."
by x0x0brooke July 03, 2008
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