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An emo boy with long, Jesus-like hair. Looks like he’s dressing like Jesus but all black.
You know Santi?”
“The jemo?”
“Yeah, him, I think he’s gay”
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by Applesauce624 February 26, 2018
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A Japanese emo. They look cooool...
Is that dude with the fringe over half his face an emo?

No way, that's a Jemo! Gotta love the hair...
by kinshinkohai August 13, 2006
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Yo Mamma

Got it from the dutch language "Je Moeder" wich means "your mother.
And taking the 4 first letters of "Je Moeder" You get the word "JEMO" so you can instult someone with Yo mamma wihtout them knowing.
"The teacher asks who didn't do their homework"
you answer "JEMO"
by OtidReaper September 09, 2009
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An amalgamation of the two worst music styles known to man, these being Christian rock and Emo. (jesus + emo = jemo) Band lyrics tend to be confused; writers are not sure whether to cry over the girl who left them in fourth grade or over the death of their savior.
It began when jimmy saw the cross-shaped guitar. Two styles were fused that day: Christian Rock and EMO were combined with one another to spawn a new, ultra-sucky genre. This freshly born style had the power to bring tears to the eyes of sentimental losers with funny hair, while simultaeneously encouraging the young population of america to sign up for the christian church. To the dismay of every straight male and reasonable human being on earth, the birth of JEMO had come to pass.
by Masked definitioner June 01, 2004
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An action that a Russian official performs upon his/her victim to gain political influence in their victim's country.

E- Every
M- Man
O- Off

Can also be used as a term to describe one who Jacks Every Man Off as well.
That Russian ambassador is JEMO in Trump tower!

Trump is now a JEMO for the Kremlin.
by Artic Phoenix January 05, 2018
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