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To be inexplicably chilled in the midst of stupidity or conflict.
A cop slapped me, but I just Jega(ed).
by Trill2b April 01, 2015
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I. To maturely end an embarrasing situation,

II. To draw admiration of spectators by intelligently flooring a rabblerouser or scene-maker!
iii. To treat your benefactor on equal ground with others which might seem like a betrayal
ORIGIN: From Prof. Attahiru Jega, the Nigerian INEC chairman who refused to side or favour the outgoing president who appointed him chairman of the electoral committee. He (Jega) is also known to have maturely dismissed a rowdiness of a certain Orubebe who cried wolf at the Electoral proceedings much to the admiration of Nigerians
The lawyer jegaed the accusations against his client!
by PenGenius April 07, 2015
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A group of close friends within a bigger group of close friends

A jega is a group of 4 friends; 2 males and 2 females
when one is away and the others form a get-together, the away friend CAN NOT be replaced. This goes against the jega code.

the other members of the big group are usually jelous because they are not apart of the jega group.

There is only one jega group within each group
"i wish i was a part of the jega"


"can i be a jega" "no, we're full"
by gi-jo&al-ed August 17, 2010
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Someone who cannot meet up to a promise or effect a plan.
Someone who is full of disappointment.
Ariyo cannot be saddled with the responsibility of organizing the event, he is a real jega.
by T.Ariyo from nigeria. April 03, 2011
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