Person 1: Jeffrey, how do you spell your name? "J" or "G"?

Person 2: With a "J", dawg. I don't roll that way.
by Jeffrey Liu November 19, 2007
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HASS a MASIVE penis, the biggest you will ever see. Makes almost anything he does, never be satisfied again. Just the most awesome person ever. More awesome than Barney Stinson and get more girls. Could do up to 3 girls at a time with his massove willy. If I was a guy trying to compete with a Jeffrey I would give up. He is to perfect and awesome. I envy anyone who knows a Jeffrey.
Finn: who is that loser

Goegre: how dare you... That is a jeffrey

Finn: I didn't know... I am the loser *faints*
by qwertyuiop123poiuytrewq321 November 13, 2013
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A mythical being who in fact is real. Has the ability to breathe fire and due to this often avoids kissing. He also has the ability to ignite fire in those who are enamored with him just by a touch or a look. Often represented by a buff body with shoulders to swoon. Be careful about being close to him for it is often hard to pull away.. kind of like velcro. Very intelligent and gregarious so most often ladies tend to flock to him. When he captures a ladies heart he has the ability to break it very easily so proceed with caution.
Jeffrey is such a Dragon Boo.
by Rose Fox January 21, 2015
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a mammoth joint filled entirely with an assortment of drugs. marijuana, opium, angel dust, meth, painkillers etc. Half of the ingredients are unknown, but one things for sure, it fucks you up.
Bro: dude take a hit of this you'll be fine.
Scro: I dunno man, I guess so.

*smokes jeffrey*

Bro: yoooo what are you doing calm down!
Scro: My hearts beating fast, whats in this jeffrey even?!
Bro: I don't know dude, just rub a furry wall you'll be okay.
by fattehboi June 05, 2010
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A joint containing a mixture of marijauna and drugs. These can include-but are not limited to-angeldust, coicaine, heroin, methadone, methamphetamines, etc. So named because "nobody's scared of a Jeffrey" (to paraphrase Aldous Snow, lead singer of Infant Sorrow in "Get Him To The Greek")
Wanna hit off this "Jeffrey?"

Naw man, I stick with the sticky-icky.
by LegalizeMedicine420 June 04, 2010
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A cocktail of drugs rolled up in a joint that includes, pot, heroin, bits of e, methodone, and angel dust.

Its called a Jeffrey to make it sound harmless. This term comes from the movie Get Him to the Greek.
person #1: Pass Steve the Jeffrey, he needs to relax.

Steve: Oh my God what's in a Jeffrey, I'm going to have a heart attack!
by chipworthington June 09, 2010
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