This is truly a inspirational, lovely person to be in contact with. This person be it a girl or guy will have you full of laughter and spirit. This person will give you color, joy, new life to any opportunity or choice you make in life. This person is usually financially stable or working on getting financially stable. Overall beauty, love, adventure, life preservation is the top chart of whoever is named this
Wow, I just met a "girl" name Jeffie and I swear it was like a breath of fresh air. I laughed all night with her.
by theguythatmeantthisgirl February 02, 2010
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A twenty dollar bill.

First contrived by a man who believed that Jefferson appeared on the twenty. But as we all know Jackson is the president who face dons the twenty. We still use the term today to mock this man.
Man that date was expensive... I almost had to drop an entire Jeffie.

Macdaddies employee: "That'll be $32.09 at the window"
Me: "Damn, that's over two and a half Jeffies."
by Taylor Roberts April 20, 2006
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Someone who always backs a Kickstarter the moment it goes up, and always at the highest tier.
"Hey bro, you see that new Praxis Kickstarter?" ... "Yeah, man, I pounced on that shit instantly. Top Tier!" ... "You're such a fucking Jeffie!"

"That new RPG Kickstarter last night ... I Jeffied that shit quick!"
by zeroprep August 02, 2018
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Hates green beans.Smacks his diaper.Has a fish called pee pee suck 2
Has a hamster called pee pee suck.And a dog called poopy butt his daddy is the Easter bunny
I hate green beans daddy

-Jeffy Jeffy
by jghjggi December 21, 2018
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Jeffy hates green beans likes to spank his diaper wears a helmet on top of his head had a fish named pee pee suck and a hamster named pee pee suck 2 his daddy's the tooth fairy and he loves his cat piano
Jeffy stop it
by Matt saber April 11, 2017
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Jeffy hates his green beans. His foster parents are Mario and Rosalina but, his real mom is a drug addict and his dad was a famous painter who died and gave Jeffy 1,000,000 dollars. Jeffys favorite toy is his cat piano but, Mario ate it. Jeffys favorite song is Hop Hop.
Mario: Jeffy eat your green beans

Jeffy: no daddy I don't wanna eat my green beans
Mario: you have to Jeffy
Jeffy: *Throws green beans at the wall*
by Sith_the_sloth June 29, 2017
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A retarded puppet who beats his diper and has a pencil up his nose and he sticks his pee pee in some Cheerios
You are so Jeffy
by Jeffy201 October 05, 2017
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