The Rules of the WAVE

Owning, registering, insuring, or driving a Jeep implies knowledge of and intent to abide by the following rules. Failure to obey the rules may result in your being ignored by other Jeep owners as you sit along the side of the road next to your stalled vehicle in a blizzard surrounded by Saturns, Yugos, and Hyundais.

Definition: The Jeep Wave

An honor bestowed upon those drivers with the superior intelligence, taste, class, and discomfort tolerance (exception to 97 and newer Jeep owners) to own the ultimate vehicle - the Jeep. Generally consists of either a raised hand waving or 4 fingers extended upward from the steering wheel, but may be modified to suit circumstances and locally accepted etiquette.

Examples of commonly accepted modifications:

Top off: One handed wave above windshield or outside body tub.

Top off during blizzard: Shiver and nod, hands may remain frozen to steering wheel.

Southern/rural locations: No wave, just a nod.

General Rules:

1. All Jeepers are responsible for upholding the tradition of the Wave. It seems that generally the Jeep wave is only practiced by Jeep owners driving the following Jeep vehicles; CJ, YJ, TJ, JK.

2. All Jeepers are required to return the Wave even if it's a Grand Cherokee or Compass.

3. Do not EVER wave to Hummers, even if you know the person.
Guy 1 is driving his Jeep and sees another Jeep so he gives the Jeep Wave. Guy 2 waves back.
by Phil Timms July 11, 2008
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When two jeep wranglers pass each other on opposite sides of the road, one of the drivers initiates the wave and the other waves back symbolism some sort of bondage between jeep owners.
Here comes a jeep get ready to do the jeep wave.
by Mike Miller March 26, 2005
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When a Jeep Wrangler, CJ, or willies pass in any combination the drivers wave to each other in a polite fashion, in the event that your hands are frozen to the wheel a head nod is acceptable.
When I passed the CJ in my Wrangler, I gave the driver a Jeep Wave.
by Wehan December 24, 2005
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A form of unspoken communication amongst jeep wrangler owners, acknowledging each others shared badassery for owning the ultimate driving experience.
I was driving in my jeep and shared a jeep wave with another jeep. We're such badasses.
by O||||||O May 22, 2011
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Applies to only Jeep Wrangler model. Inexplicable unwritten policy for fellow Wrangler drivers to wave at oncoming driver of said model Jeep. If wave is not reciprocated, likely due to other driver being distracted by other pressing matters or person is new owner and unaware of this policy
I See oncoming Jeep Wrangler! I must prepare for the jeep Wave!
by Vallhara March 31, 2019
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As many people know, Jeep owners have a special wave they share with other Jeep owners they pass on the road. There is also a non-Jeep wave. Any vehicle can participate except Jeeps. The non-Jeep wave consists of holding up three fingers and making a duck face at the other vehicle.
The girl non-Jeep waved at other vehicles she passed on the way to work.
by am87900 September 3, 2020
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