one of the best 4wd vehicles available to civilians, if not the best. can be a convertible or a hardtop. usually contain a manual transmission, though some may be automatics. often seen near a beach area in the summer, off-roading, or plowing snow.
1. 'Dude! I'm getting a Jeep Wrangler for my first car!
by P-Raff February 13, 2008
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a car that because it has the name jeep printed on it, a mass of retards all think it is good offroad, when infact a prius could not only do better but get better mpg's. But getting good mpg's isnt really a struggle because throughout jeeps years they have never been able to give any of their cars over 20 mpg highway.Pathetic.

JEEP= Junk, each and every part.
Hey i bought a jeep wrangler and drove it 45 miles an hour! But i was rolling over going down a hill in red rpms when it happened, and i fucking ran out of gas driving it home too!

Jeeps suck!
by Lbayncha! February 23, 2009
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Specifically in White, this is the dream car of a Basic White Blonde Girl named Stacy, Avalon, or Emma with an IQ of 2
Emma: Hey Ava, lets go to Starbucks and get ourselves a iced Coffee?
Ava: OMG Yass, are we gonna take your Jeep Wrangler?
by Urban_Alien_69 October 6, 2022
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A vehicle that was first designed in World War II(1941-1945) by Willy's for use in combat and troop transport. It's short-wheel base, light weight, and 4-wheel drive made it the perfect off-road vehicle. In 1944 Willy's designed a Civilian version, known as the CJ(Civilian Jeep). They were produced form 1944-1986. In 1987 the vehicle was changed to be known as the Jeep Wrangler, and has been ever since. For your money, there is probably no-better vehicle available to the general public that is more capable right out of the box than a Jeep Wrangler. It's not fancy, with heated seats, and excess bullshit electronics(Land Rovers). It looks rugged and raw, unlike pussy Lexus and BMW X-5's. After all, why would you want an SUV for luxury? I mean, the Wrangler came from a design for use in combat. Need I say more?
Bill: "Hey, Jim so that Honda Pilot looks pretty bad-ass huh?"

Jim:"Hell, no!" "I'm gettin' that Jeep Wrangler Rubicon." "It could run over the top of that rice burnin' piece of shit!"
by kanas sucks March 27, 2010
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