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A Jeana is a maximum hotness / smartness ratio. Jeana's have beautiful clear skin and look hot in tiny dresses, but also have super street smarts - often go into the law profession. Jeana's are spunky like Punky Brewster and will make you laugh, because they are so smart and sassy. Jeana's often like to get into trouble because they know what they can get away with... which is ALOT.
That chick giving the deposition to the mega-bad criminal is super hot in those boots. What a Jeana!
by lovegeeks February 04, 2010
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A one of a kind girl who is truly talented and beautiful and whatever her interests or talents may be, she shall reach both perfection and mastery
" I hope I marry a Jeana because they are the coolest girls."
by Juno Me February 04, 2010
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perfect type of girlfriend.
loving and caring. sometime they can be misunderstood by some but not by the ones that love them. these type can make you happy no matter what.
also will laugh at any joke you say...any joke...
will laugh soooo much some can find it annoying...
guy1: hey did you talk to that jeana?

guy2: yeah...she laugh at EVERY joke i made...

guy1: do you find that annoying?

guy2: to some ya but not me!!!
by thomas the tank 11521 February 04, 2010
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