When u get surprised but can’t react and aren’t alive no mo :(
Playing a game
Person 1: So I was just thinking abt how Supac Thakur changed the world during quaranti-

(Person 1 gets headshot)

Person 1: JeZu!?
by Soddy Wally March 21, 2021
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Either the lord and savior or the guy mowing your lawn
Person A: Do you know Jezus is watching you.
Person B: Yes he is mowing my lawn.
by Your friendly rebbel January 29, 2016
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A name describing an individual of culture, reading about 20 mangas a day. A weeb.
A person with the instance of "Jezu" in their name is regarded as doing one of several questionable activities in their spare time, most commonly of an anime interest.
A wild Jezu is seen in his natural habitat, reading one of 50 mangas that he must still catch up on.
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A very homo-sexual small statue of Jezus made completely out of a small, blonde, British kids jizz, which one may use for pleasuring their rectum.
"Want to go make a Jello Jezus?"
"Only if i can swallow the jizz then barf it up on to your chest"
"Great, then i'll shove it in my rectum"
by Jamesnuttall April 18, 2009
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A fine guy, caring person and always has something to entertain you with. But always gets their names mixed with “Jesus” but really doesn’t care what people call them.when you first see them you might think they are mean but when you get to know them they are probably still kinda mean but sweet. He also gets no hoes cause he’s loyal.
by Fuck yo life bing bong November 22, 2021
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A secular placeholder for the common vernacular use of "Jesus Christ", when exclaiming disdain or confusion.
"Jezus Cheetos Sonny-Jim, get a fucking grip.
by _betamax_ June 11, 2018
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