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Usually named Ben, tall, pertruding adam's apple, yet mad sexy in their own british way
often dates girls named jen
by sum gai March 3, 2005
these days, in Britain. scene kids have a more diverse way of dressing.
Some "scene kids" adapt an almost chav way of appearence but keeping the original scene kid hair (black or blonde, some with color, with large bangs and short sides that sweep into their face)
these items of clothing tend to be Trackies as not all scene kids prefer to wear skinny jeans all the time, but do still wear them.

they liek to wear more expensive makes compared to "chavs" and "emo's" for instance Adidas orginals which tend to be £20/$40 more expenesive than adidas singular. and iron fist or dropdead clothing which tend to be more expensive than the well known, over used "criminal damage"- but some still may choose to wear it.

scene kids especially in england are adapting the 80's style, with white reebok hi tops and neon colored tops. this is a slow progress, but still are predominatly dressed in tight clothes.

accesories for boys tend to be:

bandana's, large sunglasses, new era hats, and baggy beanies aka the "sock beanie". snake bites and various other facial peircings, expanded ear lobes etc

Accesories for girls:

all of the above
long gold chains with various large pendants like anchors,hello kitty, superman emblem, rubix cubes etc etc. each tend to fashion there own.

femaile scene kids in britain do not wear bows in there hair, this is because this is cliche and also used by ther close relative's "Emo Kids", but scene kids are very different from these. and are often angered by emo kids stealing there style and can tend to be aggressive towards them.

British scene kids can vary in attitude, alot have adapted the loud, outspoken and cocky attitude, others can be the strong silent type. But like everyone in the world it an vary form person to person.
they can adapt the "gangsta" way of talking, but this is useally a mockery.

Brisish scene kids choice in music is wildly spread out, they can enjoy:

Screamo - bring me the horizon, alexisonfire, still remains,in flames, enter shakari etc
R&b- dizzie rascal, soulja boy, Dillinja, Sean paul, chris brown etc
Techno/trance/hardcore- Dj tiesto, Delerium etc

scene kids are the most outgoing of the "hardcore rock side" this being, goths, greebo's and emo's. they are often found at house partys, gigs (most being amature), rock pubs, public parks etc.

The British scene kid way of style changes rapidly throughout the year as they like to stay as diverse as possible and remain individual and outcast to the emo style.

in Britain the age range of a scene kid tends to be older than the emo's this can be 17+ where as the emo's tend to be the 13-16 year olds.
British scene kid #1: sup blud, goin to the albert tonight? SophieSuicide's bands playin.

British scene kid #2: SICK! sound as, yeh ill be there, got juice?

British scene kid #1: yah, that lad liams trying to come as well, hell get battered.

British scene kid #1: pahaha its lyk go cry emo boy

British scene kid#2: yh lyk go home little brother....
by -[Robo]JoJo- August 15, 2008