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The coolest, funniest, smartest, sweetest, awesomest, cutest, hottest, most amazing, caring, considerate, trustworthy guy you will ever meet in your entire life.
Jd is by far the awesomest boyfriend you could ever have.
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Male name- comes from taking the initials of either two first names, a first and middle name, or sometimes even a first and last name.

JD's are typically really good looking, very smart, funny, respectful, and easy to get along with. Most often they are also somewhat shy. If you are a girl, you will most likely find yourself very much attracted to a JD even if he is completely oblivious to it.

If for some reason a JD isn't too shy to talk to you (eventually) then you are very lucky.
"Is that Noah Wyle?"
"Oh nope..that's JD."
by Urbanslangchick December 30, 2011
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a sweet, smart, funny, amazing, caring guy with the most gorgeous blue eyes you have ever seen a guy who will always be there for you when you need him most. You will always feel compelled to tell him your secrets and trust him. if you find yourself around a J.D consider yourself extremely lucky. He will make you feel special no matter what it takes even if it puts stress on himself. He is always looking to find a way to make others happy. He is a very loyal guy and if he hurts you it would hurt him twice as bad. simply put i'm glad i have a J.D and if you don't have one you need one!!!
girl one:"There goes J.D"

girl two:"yea i know...isn't he the best?"
by taylor's pandicat May 06, 2013
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1.The coolest dork i know and the main character on scrubs.

2. somebody who trips or hallucinates frequently.
1. Lisa: after kissing J.D. Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you having a good time?
JD: Actually, it's a roll of quarters.
takes out roll of quarters
JD: Laundry day!

2. person 1: dude how long has eric been starin at that lightbulb?
person 2: about an hour..
person 1: he is such a JD!
by BalisticBob June 30, 2004
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abbrv. Jack Daniels. A sweet tasting Tennesee whiskey. See also Jack
I'll have a JD and coke
by JediAndi April 04, 2003
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man i got j'd up last night. how the hell you get arrested on bourbon st. for public intoxication?
by Jay DeJean July 08, 2006
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An early colonial American unit of length that has made a recent return to golf lingo. A JD is roughly equal to 0.039 inch, 0.991 Joel dick, or 1mm in the International System of Units (SI).
If that putt was 2 JD's to the right, I'd have made a birdie!
by Viper211 June 20, 2011
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