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An sweet and innocent girl. She is shy but has a lot of friends. U can tell her anything, but be careful Jazzmen can be rude despite her kindness she can be very rude know matter what. Other then that Jazzmen can be a good friend. Jazzmen is a smart, and beautiful girl/women. Gets straight A's and is very confident. Keep Jazzmen in your life because you will regret not having her.
Peter:did u see what jazzmen did


Peter:she got straight A's

by Cottenrottencandy May 11, 2018
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A Jazzmen is an unloyal girl. She may show that she loves you but doesn't mean it.
Jazzmen says she loves me but she's always texting other boys.
by Jersey Beach 21 June 03, 2017
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a hot ass girl with small ass feet
have you seen a girl named jazzmen shes so hot i want to talk to her.
by nicksbabygirl January 17, 2017
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