In Nigeria, a slang that means don't lose focus and/or concentration, stay strong, don't be discouraged.
1. Bro, jazz up! Don't get caught up in your feelings.
2. Hey babe, jazz up! You can do it.
by Dampolo August 4, 2020
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A person under the influence of cocaine (or other stimulant).
Person A: Did you see Sam yelling at the bartender last night?
Peron B: Yea, he was all jazzed up.
Peron A: Oh, that makes sense
by All Jazzed Up November 29, 2010
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To make more exciting or fancier, in a positive context. (see adjective jazzy)

May apply in a sexual sense, but is not limited to that use. (see jazzed up)

To jazz up her plain outfit, Jane decided to add a scarf and eye-catching jewelry.

The brochure was really boring, so she jazzed it up before getting it printed.

He was jazzed up after dancing at the club all night.
by emiloo November 18, 2006
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1.To be really excited about something that is not worth getting excited over.
2.What you look like after bukkake.
3.Past tense of sexual exhilaration.
4.The stimulating feeling before an ejaculation
1.Avvampato said we all gotta get "Jazzed Up" for Red Ribbon Week.
2.Crystal coulnd't open her eyes because she was all jazzed up.
3.Ryan got jazzed up the night before.
4.While crying and masturbating, Cuban felt jazzed up.
by Pelfrey May 2, 2005
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"jazzed up" a reference for girls called jasmine having sexual activity with female / male friends
i'm meeting the girls and getting jazzed up later ;)
by SaintGeorgous November 27, 2020
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jazz - (n1) - trouble, the business. - (ex. giving someone the jazz)
(n2) - a pitcher's fastball

jazz (up) - (v) to rough somebody up, humiliate.
(v) I had to hit the streets, jazz (up) the local mugs for some answers.

(n1) Tony gave him the jazz. They call Tony the jazz man.

(n2) Papelbon gave him the high jazz.
by rick laprade May 6, 2007
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