Jazlynn is someone who is pretty and is very in the moment. She pretty ,but she doesn`t know it, she is positive and very competitive, and will go savage if taken for a fool.
Classmate 1 says"Who`s that"
Classmate 2 responds" Oh her name is Jazlynn, she is the kid in class who very competitive in soccer."
by The_Jazzy_Queen August 16, 2018
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A strong willed, beautiful, and kindhearted woman. Usually a Jazlynn has a big artistic talent and puts everyone ahead of her own needs.
A woman no guy or girl can ever obtain because shes too pretty to try after.
A description of a bangin body.
1. (Person one) Don't be such a Jazlynn and be ok with your parents over kill punishments.
(Jazlynn) lol, Sorry?

2.(Guy 1) I'd love to get that girl.
(Guy two) She's too much of a Jazlynn, good luck.

3. That woman's body is amazingly proportioned- I hate how Jazlynn it is, I'm jealous!
by WatermelonsLala December 16, 2009
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a jazlynn is a very strong girl. she is smart and funny. a jazlynn is someone who likes to sleep a lot. the idea of a banging body.
what a jazlynn”
“i don’t have a chance with her she’s a jazlynn”
by skiiibear May 30, 2018
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A really picky girl with I king heart and a loud voice she is clumsy mostly outside loves her family. She hates pickles and boys. She was a great way to get good grades
She's a JazLynn
by JazLynn May 21, 2016
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A competitive monkey. Usually found in Florida running around Tampa. Some teenagers imagine them.
Jeana: Look at that Jazlynn run!
Courtney: I see it!
Carrissa: There's nothing there.
by Plummy January 03, 2008
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