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A very kind and compassionate girl. Typically with beautiful dark skin and amazing hair. She loves a all her friends and you are lucky if she loves you as more. If you do date Jazira then she will treat you respectfully and she will love you forever. Donโ€™t date Jazira for fun, you date her because you live her and want to be with her forever. But if you piss her off, you will regret it. Her bite is worse then her bark!
Person 1: Omg who is she, sheโ€™s beautiful!
Person 2: Itโ€™s Jazira lmao
Person 1: wow Iโ€™m so jealous
by Rayd November 15, 2018
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The biggest hoe you'll ever meet. Gets with boys for fun. Got a big stick up attitude. Has no friends
Fuck Jazira
by Mickey dssssss June 03, 2018
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