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When someone begins talking while you are already talking and interrupts you. The word can also be applied in situations where people are not supposed to talk i.e at an inappropriate time, during a moment of silence, or even during a movie.

The phrase comes from "jaywalking" when people who cross the street when they are not supposed to and interrupt the flow of traffic.

1. Dude would you quit jaytalking, I'm trying to tell a joke.

2. That guys a total jaytalker, he interrupts me every couple seconds.
by England420 February 18, 2009
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slurring of your words to a point where no one can understand what your saying.
The man I was talking to was soo drunk, that he started jaytalking, and I couldn't understand him.
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A person who is so immersed in a phone conversation while walking that they don't realize they are illegally crossing the street in heavy traffic. jaytalker, jaywalker, crosswalk, traffic, pedestrian, sidewalk, street
That guy almost got killed jaytalking. No conversation is worth death.
by joecoolthefool March 09, 2016
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