The all American blonde haired blue eyed boy. Hes greater than he thinks he is due to his humble nature. He's loyal but kind, strong but sensitive and tough but gentle with other peoples feelings... especially the women in his life. Hes protective, loves the outdoors, and whoever is near him is infected with his generosity. He doesn't fit in one box, hes talented in many things and doesn't like to focus on one thing ... he wants to do it all, and do it well! Hes cuddly and cute but he'll kick your ass in a heart beat of he needs to so be nice to this guy. He'll be your best friend until you do him wrong.
Jayse is a gentle beast.
by Savage0824 March 24, 2019
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A kind man who sets good standards for small children; or a man who is NOT gay in the slightest.
Wow, that man is like Jayse! Loving and not gay.
by DidgeridudesYT April 8, 2019
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An awesome person that pulls females like no other, they spit game like tobacco chew and they are smoother than an air hockey table, watch out they might take your girl, your mom, and your sister. They have a smooth way of hitting the heart and they can make panties drop faster than a teenagers testicles. With this they are guaranteed to be a dilf and a home wrecker so watch out.
by BigreproducerJay June 22, 2021
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Is the big daddy of all girls and a nigga that’s don’t give a fuck about anybody but family
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A guy that will make you feel invincible, more than special, and beautiful. When he feels you drift he’s quick to cut it off, it stings the both of you. He’ll spill the tea and it hurts to realize what you lost when he wants to be ‘friends’ again. He always has his dads weed and a huge dick, a nice personality but can be on the quiet side. Damn you’ll miss him.
Girlfriend Jayse is so nice

Ex- girl Jayse and I are still good friends *cries on the inside
Girlfriend we made it to second base last night
Ex-girl just wait till he brings weed your pussy will get destroyed by his massive dick
by Spillthesistersteamytea October 19, 2018
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