She’s nice. She will get upset if you do somthing stupid because you usually don’t realize what you did wrong therefor you don’t apologize. She is hurt but will be fine after cuddling. Don’t leave her she loves you 🥰
Wow Jaymie really loves me I feel bad for ever hurting her
by I understand what your saying November 27, 2021
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Azriel's sole reason to live
Loyal to only one man and one man alone
Azriel may be a player but She does not mind due to how gangsta he is
Code name: Azzy's lover
"I summon thou, Jaymie to come to thy bedroom and wrestle ." Azzy
by TTV FLAME February 17, 2021
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Jaymie, Where can you even start with her. This bitch is mad funny, nice, sassy, loyal, and will have your back in everything you do. She’s no snitch and will let you know if anyone is talking shit about you and help you confront them. When it comes to boys, She forgives easily and not enough so you help her through. But overall Jamie will love you even if she’s had her heart broken 1000 times. There’s only room for one best friend For jaymie, And you better watch out for her because they both have a personality that matches each other like a mirror. Jamie is it gorgeous slim thick queen between 52- to 5-6, Blonde haired babe with blue eyesAnd a crisp icy stare if you piss her off. You better love her.
My bitch Jaymie just drink all my vodka!

Jaymie, get over here and dance with me dammit!
by Nattherat August 16, 2020
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Jaymie is a really bright girl who loves to smile and laugh, has a pure heart and often emotional because she’s cares so much for those around her. Her big eyes are full of wonder and joy. She is super silly, it’s almost awkwardly cute. She is the most self driven person you will meet and never takes no for an answer, it actually motivates her. She is very observant and reads people a little too well. She’s one HOT Girl that grabs the attention of those around her by blinking an eye. She is the most down person ever, would never leave you or hurt you even when others may hurt her. She needs reassurance from those she cares about in order to move forward when she is feeling down. She despises those who are fake, and likes a lot of alone time and only needs and want a few important people in her life. She can get any guy she wants, even though she knows this she doesn’t play with peoples emotions she rather wait until a person excites her to engage. She’s a total freak that will rock your world.
Yep that’s Jaymie for you”
Of course it’s Jaymie”
by Susanna Stones November 22, 2021
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Jaymie is a beautiful person you won’t meet anyone like them. They don’t like to talk to people that they aren’t close with and love oversized things and love iced coffee
Hey. Look at that girl / boy with that iced coffee! Their name could be Jaymie but I’m not sure
by January 17, 2021
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3•15•18❤️ HR
09•19 cohabitating with the love of my life
Jaymie is a person
by Jweidemann October 3, 2021
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This thing looks like sid the sloth, it lies and is hypocritical and smells of shit, its mum spends her benefits money on knock-off cereal and cheap alcohol.
Person 1: I think jaymie lucas smells of shit
Person 2: Can't fault you there
by sidslaya4 December 30, 2017
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