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Jaymie is one who loves to smile laugh and have a great time. When one of Jaymie's friend is looking down. She comes over to make them smile. Jaymie LOVES hugs so much! She lives for them. Jaymie has been heartbroken and manipulated so many times. Her friends always got her back when she goes through rough times. She cares a lot about her friends and will do anything for them. If you ever met Jaymie she may seem a bit bitchy at first glance. But if you get to know her she's a kind person.

If you fall in love with her. Hold on to her. Jaymie can get scared and do stupid things. She needs someone to care for her. In return she will love you with all her heart. Cause when she loves you let go. You may have lost her and she has lost herself.
DAM Jaymie your looking gorgeous.
You are so sweet Jaymie

That my bitch Jaymie
by fhajsdfalkfja July 30, 2020

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That guy who all the girls know. Not in a good way. That boy is the one who can't stop sliding into all the girls DMS. He thinks his slick. But That Boy is the known by MANY girls.
Kyle "Your talking to That Boy?"

Julia " Yeah."

Kyle " Girl he was snapping me last week and was talking to Sophie. That Boy is bad news.
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by fhajsdfalkfja August 15, 2020

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Natalie is the sweetest girl you could ever meet. Natalie is tough but once you get to know her she is an angel. If you ever get to meet her your whole life will change for the better. She has a sassy side to her and that brings the fire to her personality. If you ever become her best friend it is Forever. She puts so much love and admiration toward her best friend. Natalie is so beautiful swear Natalie is an angel.
Natalie "Yo JJ we gonna go to the beach this weekend?'


Is that Natalie? She so beautiful!
by fhajsdfalkfja August 15, 2020

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