When you cross the street through the middle and not at the intersections were you are supposed to. They call it Jay walking, because back in the 1900s in New York people new yorkers would call call tourist jays, and since jays were really impressed by all of the tall buildings they would walk up to the middle of the street to see how tall they were, therefore the word Jaywalking emerged
Jaywalking is ilegal
by Cacahead305 September 1, 2009
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walking and smoking marijuana at the same time
*two people bunning a fat J (joint)
"blud , lets smoke this joint while we walk to the petrol station for food"
"neh blud , jaywalking is a long ting"
"oh safesafe, your walking while bunnin is bare long"
"safe safe"
*both continue bunning the J until it is finished, then after the roach was chucked, they set of for petrol station for bare munch*
by dasbait December 27, 2011
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to cross a street without taking advantage of provided means of safe crossing (ie crosswalks, etc.)
the hooligans jaywalked across the street, causing many angry honks from middle aged business men who, when forced to slam on the brakes, spilled their cappucinos on their pants.
by eliiiiiza January 31, 2005
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to walk into the street at the wrong place while motor vehicles are crossing it
If you jaywalk, you are probably oblivious to the risk of serious injury.
by The Return of Light Joker September 19, 2008
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Crossing the street without following the crosswalk or other traffic regulations, usually on busy streets which can be hazardous.
The street whores jaywalk across the street so they can get all the attention and possibly get laid and paid, because their baby's daddy left them for some other hoe on Two Notch Road.
by Crystal K September 7, 2005
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An offensive term describing African-Americans, used by white people, when they do not want African-Americans to know they are talking about them. Term was formed in Northeast Atlanta. Probably because of African-Americans tendency to not use crosswalks when defiantly crossing busy roads.
Look at that "jaywalker" over there jaywalking. He's probably going to the welfare office.
by Fat Alex March 10, 2008
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